Who we are

Meet Naomi and Will, fuelled by their zest for life, they have created a vibrant new movement.

Calorie counting, juice cleanses, and detoxes? Not their style. They promote a balanced lifestyle, think organic feasts, adventures in nature, sun-soaked workouts and a cheeky glass or two of sangria.

Get to know them and the rest of the team below.

Meet Naomi, Co founder of Oranja. Naomi found her passion for fitness when managing a boutique fitness studio in Surrey. During the last decade, she built a solid community of trailblazers and tripled up as a qualified spin instructor and community-run leader.

Naomi was soon recognised by Lululemon as an inspiring human in the practice of elevating her community of go-getters through the sweat life and is now a Lululemon Legacy Ambassador.

Driven by sun, music, fitness and nourishing food, Naomi’s high-octane energy, positive spirit and naughty laugh will get you pumped for an unforgettable stay.

Sweat it out with Co-Founder Naomi

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Meet Will, Co-founder of Oranja. To fulfil his passion for exploration and adventure, Will has enjoyed travelling globally. His trips have taken him to the Americas, Indonesia, South East Asia, India and Europe. After visiting these incredible destinations Will discovered the hidden side of Ibiza. After visiting Ibiza for over a decade, the island tempted him to a life of sunshine and tan lines with his wife Naomi and island dog Frank.

The energy from his small but mighty wife Naomi, has rubbed off on him. Will now regularly hits the running trails and recently completed 3 marathons and a 100k ultra marathon in Ibiza.

Will’s devotion to Ibiza and adventure will lead you to explore the island's hidden gems.

Adventure with Co-Founder Will

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Meet Ruby, our chef and and good time girl. With influences from her travels, Ruby creates fusion-styled dishes that are good for the body and the soul.

Ruby’s recipes sprouted from her core principles of health & nourishment, love & compassion, and oneness & connection.

The kitchen is her happy place and gathering around a table to share food and stories is her therapy. With Ruby in the kitchen, you can expect colourful, vibrant and flavoursome meals using freshly grown ingredients from the gardens of Casa Oranja.

Feast with island Chef Ruby

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Meet Manuel, Ibiza’s leading hiking guide. With a passion for Ibiza’s wilderness and a deep appreciation for the island's natural beauty, Manuel invites you to lace up and embark on a journey of discovery through Ibiza's hidden trails and breathtaking landscapes.

His expertise and knowledge will give you an experience you’ll never forget. 

Manuel believes nature is the best therapy available to us. A Hike with Manuel will unlock the buzz of being alive. In his words, hike to get high.


Hike to get high with Manuel

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Meet Frank, your captain onboard Ibiza’s leading sustainable catamaran powered by wind and solar energy. Experience silence and tranquillity as Frank sails you through the golden hour whilst taking in Ibiza’s iconic sunset.

Frank is more than a sailor, he's a guardian of Ibiza's seascape, an educator on sustainability, and a true advocate for preserving the island's natural treasures. Whether you're seeking adventure, relaxation, or an eco-conscious escape, Frank will take you on a voyage of discovery, where the sea and sustainability merge leaving behind only ripples of positive impact.

Set sail into the blue with Pau

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Meet Nadia, an authentic soul who balances her life between the serenity of yoga and the electrifying energy as a dancer at one of Ibiza's most iconic super clubs, Amnesia.

Nadia's life is a testament to the balance between the tranquillity of yoga and the vibrancy of dance.

Salute the sun during your time at Casa Oranja and you might find yourself extending your stay to hit the dance floor with Nadia at Amnesia.

Funk and flow with yogi Nadia

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Meet Tj, a neuroscientist and international speaker. Tj has created DOSE, a science-based formula to optimise your brain chemistry and transform your mental health.

DOSE stands for Dopamine Oxytocin Serotonin and Endorphins. 

Tj's formula is simple and effective and validates why our guests feel supercharged with happiness chemicals during an Oranja escape.

Tj visits us in Ibiza to teach DOSE in Ibiza for company and collaborative escapes.


Optimise your brain with Tj

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Meet Tiffany and join her on a tranquil journey. Tiffany has spent over a decade working in award-winning spas to perfect her skills in the art of holistic and beauty therapy.

Tiffany is known on the island for her wholesome body treatments. From sports to zen-style massages, she works intuitively by feeling what your body needs and desires.

Feel liberated, stimulated and refreshed yet awakened and ready to squeeze the moment during your stay with Oranja.

Relax and re-align with Tiffany

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