[On The Retreat] Hike

Leave the road and take the trails

On our 4 night retreat, hit the trails and hike through Ibiza’s natural playground whilst taking in and discovering a hidden side of Ibiza. This magical island hosts some of the world's most breathtaking scenery, from hidden bays, to mystical caves and stunning ocean views.

A hike with Oranja is the ultimate gateway to new adventures in nature, it will allow you to disconnect from the stresses of life and will encourage you to be present and reconnect with the nature and tranquillity of Ibiza. 

[On The Retreat] Hike

Ibiza Hike Station

We are stoked to be able to give you an unforgettable hiking experence in collaboration with Manuel, master and expert in hiking on Ibiza.

Manuel is the man in the know, he’s spent years in Ibiza sharing the most beautiful and lesser-known spots on the island with friends, islanders and trailblazers. His expertise and knowledge will give you an experience you’ll never forget! Hike to get high with Ibiza Hike Station on an Oranja retreat.

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