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Orange is the colour of warmth and energy

Naomi and Will arrived in Ibiza for the music and super-clubs but soon realised the island is not just a clubbers' paradise. Ibiza is also the perfect destination for fitness and exploration retreats powered by sunshine, music, workouts, nourishing food and great people!

Oranja was born to create and cultivate experiences and moments through fitness and exploration for groups and individuals. Whether you’re a group of friends, a family, a company or a brand, we can arrange a fully private tailor-made Oranja experience to meet your needs.

Alternatively, book a space on one of our original Oranja retreats to explore Ibiza and connect with new like-minded people. We welcome people of all ages, male and female, with a range of fitness levels.

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Co-founder and fitness instructor

Naomi found her passion for fitness when managing a boutique fitness studio in Surrey. During the last decade, Naomi built a solid community of trailblazers and tripled up as a qualified spin instructor and community-run leader.

Naomi was soon recognised by Lululemon as an inspiring human in the practice of elevating her community of go-getters through the sweat life and is now a Lululemon Legacy Ambassador.

Naomi arrived in Ibiza for the music and soon realised the island is not just a clubbers' paradise but also offers the perfect balanced lifestyle. Driven by sun, music, fitness and nourishing food, Naomi’s high-octane energy, positive spirit and naughty laugh will get you pumped for an unforgettable stay with Oranja.

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Co-founder and Island host

Entrepreneur and explorer, Will has a wealth of business development experience which allowed him the flexibility of travelling globally. His trips have taken him to the Americas, Indonesia, South East Asia, India and Europe. After visiting these incredible destinations Will discovered the hidden side of Ibiza which tempted him to a life of sunshine and tan lines with his wife Naomi and island dog Frank.

The energy from his small but mighty wife has rubbed off on him. Will now regularly hits the running trails and recently completed 3 marathons and a 100k ultra marathon in Ibiza.

Will’s adventurous side and trusting nature will give you the confidence to explore Ibiza’s hidden gems and often inaccessible places with Oranja.

'These two are just so relaxed, so much fun and just a joy to spend time with. it would be impossible not to return home feeling better about yourself and life in general'

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